59%创新公司使用Salesforce CRM

时间: 2012-02-10来源:互联网

         Have you ever wanted to know what tools and systems other companies use? Phone systems? CMS options? Billing services? etc. The logisitics of setting up a company’s infrastructure can be a painful process. BestVendor, a New York City startup in its own right, is building a Yelp-like resource for business products by harnessing social recommendations to help small businesses make faster, smarter purchasing.

       Over the last two months, BestVendor surveyed 550s startups about their most used business products and services. The results show the increasing popularity of Google’s as Google Analytics and Gmail snagged the top two spots, respectively, for the most popular startup tools. In fact, BestVendor found that 70% of startup execs use Google Analytics. The survey also uncovered hidden gems like IdeaPaint, a tool that turns your walls into white boards and HipChat, a chat tool for businesses.

       “It’s a give-to-get community,” explains Jeff Giesea, the CEO of BestVendor. In order to access the site, you must contribute a review. In exchange for sharing a few tools you use in your business, you can browse other companies and people to see what they’re using in theirs- for free. You can filter results by industry, company size or by your social network. Giesea plans to leverage this data set to provide rankings of product categories like collaboration software, web hosting providers, or payroll providers based on what others use and recommend.

       BestVendor’s founders have significant experience connecting buyers and sellers of business products. CEO Jeff Giesea, who started the company in January, previously founded B2B media and lead-generation business FierceMarkets, which he sold in 2008. Co-Founders Ben Zhuk (head of product) and Magnus von Koeller (head of engineering) are recent graduates of Columbia Business School with extensive backgrounds in product development and engineering, respectively.

       Just today, it released the results of its “2011 Startup Toolkit Survey” on the most popular products and providers used by startups with up to 100 employees.